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Q&A With Day & Zimmermann’s Mike McGovern on Government Services Business’ Pillars, Growth Strategy

Mike McGovern, vice president of business development with Day & Zimmermann Government Services, was featured in a recent Executive Spotlight interview published Monday. He talked about joining D&Z a year ago, his focus areas and the four pillars that extend to the company’s government services business and growth strategy. The Q&A also tackled market opportunities and business expansion efforts.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview with McGovern:

“Across all of Day & Zimmermann, we’re focused on four strategic opportunities: winning the war for talent, building customer intimacy, maintaining the base and diversification. These four pillars extend to our government services business and our growth strategy. Beginning with the war for talent, it all begins with our most valuable resource— our people.

As we’ve navigated through the common industry challenges resulting from the pandemic, we’re constantly looking for ways to better engage with our teams—safely, seeking diversity and inclusion in our talent, and also the solutions we develop.”

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