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Microsoft Federal’s Jason Payne: Cloud Could Help Agencies Advance Cybersecurity, Collaboration

Jason Payne, chief technology officer for Microsoft’s (Nasdaq: MSFT) federal business, said government agencies looking to accelerate information technology modernization while advancing cybersecurity and collaboration and seeking to leverage analytical capabilities should understand the role of cloud technology in such efforts.

“There is widespread agreement that the agility, resiliency and security tools necessary for government missions are best presented in cloud environments, and cloud platforms provide the best destinations for these requirements in modern applications,” Payne wrote.

He discussed how cloud technology facilitates collaboration during the pandemic.

“For example, when cloud technology is combined with the zero trust-based security approach required by the executive order, it facilitates collaboration among government employees by granting access and participation based on identity, physical location and/or the device they’re using,” Payne said.

He also mentioned how cloud platforms could help agencies ingest data from various sources, perform data cataloging, accelerate analysis and generate insights from large volumes of data using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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