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GSA Unveils Upcoming Changes to Entity Validation Process in Federal Procurement Database

The General Services Administration has listed several upcoming improvements to the entity validation process at SAM.gov.

The forthcoming changes were informed by user and industry feedback and include step-by-step instructions for selecting an entity from the search results, a feature to ask for all entity data upfront in order for the user to have a single ticket for all required entity information and simplified appearance of screens in the entity validation workflow, GSA said Tuesday.

Other improvements are improved help articles on FSD.gov, a process for providing information at the start of the process about what documentation and related data the entity should gather and the ability to state where the user wants to use one document for multiple pieces of entity information.

GSA said the upcoming changes would not impact timelines for current validation requests and seek to make screens easier to complete and user friendly, offer detailed instructions on tasks and connect users to more help information.

In early April, enterprises doing business with the federal government transitioned from using the DUNS Number to the Unique Entity ID created in SAM.gov to enable the government to streamline the entity validation and identification process.

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