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DARPA to Brief Potential Proposers on ‘Infrastructure-Less’ Small UAS Development Program

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency intends to meet with interested contractors next month to discuss a new program aimed at building a small unmanned air system that would deploy and recover from a vessel’s flight deck or an austere ground site without requiring additional equipment.

DARPA’s Tactical Technology Office will sponsor the meeting with potential proposers on Sept. 20 to provide details of the forthcoming Advanced Aircraft Infrastructure-less Launch and Recovery project.

The ANCILLARY program seeks an “X-plane” vertical takeoff and landing platform designed to operate in expeditionary deployment operations.

DARPA is requiring participation in an in-person-only expo-style event on the same day after its Proposers Day that will take place at a Strategic Analysis facility in Arlington, Virginia, and will be broadcasted via Microsoft Teams for Government for remote participants.

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