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DARPA Seeks Research for Planning Microelectronics R&D Center

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is seeking information on microelectronics manufacturing-related capabilities and processes to help it plan for a domestic research, development and production center for 3D heterogeneous integration microsystems.

In a presolicitation notice posted Friday on SAM.gov, DARPA said the broad agency announcement will provide research on 3DHI microsystems and facility requirements for the planning of the center under the Next Generation Microelectronics Manufacturing program.

The agency is soliciting input about design and packaging of heterogeneous chip and wafer stacked components. It anticipates multiple awards for proposed research, with total funding estimated to reach $20 million. Responses are due Sept. 21.

The BAA represents phase 0 of the program, which will have three stages to support the establishment of the 3DHI manufacturing center. A separate solicitation for the program will be released in the future.

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