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Cribl’s Nick Heudecker: Agencies Should Adopt Observability Tools, Build Data Pipelines for DevSecOps

Nick Heudecker, senior director of market strategy at Cribl, said government agencies looking to apply the DevSecOps approach to application development as part of a digital transformation effort should consider implementing observability tools.

Heudecker wrote that these observability tools could help agencies “pull together data from multiple sources to give them insight into the internal state of an application and ask questions they may not have considered initially.”

He noted that baking in observability into a DevSecOps environment requires agencies to understand all various data touchpoints in real or near-real time.

Heudecker stated that there are three elements agencies should consider as they develop data pipelines for DevSecOps and these are integration, manageability and scalability.

“Integration can easily represent 80% of the work involved in building a data pipeline. There are a multitude of integration points, and a data pipeline needs to understand all data sources, protocols and destinations natively,” he said.

When it comes to manageability, agencies should understand the evolving nature of data pipelines and address governance issues, such as finding ways to share data subsets with various parts of an organization and redacting personally identifiable information in a consistent manner.

With regard to scalability, Heudecker said “agencies should optimize for the common case but ensure that their data pipelines can handle demand outliers.”

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