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Q&A With Jacobs VP John Karabias Tackles Upcoming Launch of Divergent Solutions Unit

John Karabias, vice president of strategic development at Jacobs, was featured in the most recent Executive Spotlight interview published Monday. He talked about the upcoming launch of Divergent Solutions, a new operating unit that will be led by Caesar Nieves as executive vice president. Karabias also discussed his strategic goals and the company’s culture and digital transformation initiatives.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview with Karabias on the new unit:

“From national security to the transportation sector, we are increasingly working with clients to leverage digital technology to significantly improve business outcomes and protect their assets and people from cyber-related risks. It was critical for Jacobs to build a business of scale with the right operating model that could help our market-facing businesses implement data solutions for the broad swath of contemporary client challenges.

As a result, Jacobs has stood up a new operating unit – Divergent Solutions – which will be fully operational in October and led by EVP and GM Caesar Nieves. It will be a truly global business that brings together our digital and cyber programs across the United States, Europe, Australia and other locations.”

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