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Q&A With Devo Public Sector General Manager Daniel Wilbricht Discusses Company’s New Capital, Acquisition & Partnerships

Daniel Wilbricht, general manager of public sector at Devo, was featured in a recent Executive Spotlight interview published Thursday. He talked about his reasons for joining the company and the progress he has made since August. The Q&A also focused on Devo’s recent growth initiatives including a new round of funding, its acquisition of autonomous threat hunting platform developer Kognos and its several partnerships.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview with Wilbricht detailing Devo’s efforts to scale the business:

“Before I came aboard in August, Devo was a decent-sized company with a very good reputation and valuation. We raised a significant round of funding in October. As a result, our evaluation surged and we became a unicorn. We’ve also received another investment from a partner who wanted to bring in more than the first round six months before.

In addition, Devo has continued to invest in our public sector team that covers North America, which includes clients from our local government, several U.S. universities and across Canada.

North America is really our biggest footprint, but we’re growing in every vertical right now. My goal for the public sector side of our business is to grow at 200 percent year over year.  We have very ambitious goals for Devo, but I’m confident we’re going to reach that mark as my team and our company continues to grow.”

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