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Q&A With Comcast Business Special Programs VP Scott Baer on Accelerating Network Modernization to Support Government Customers

Scott Baer, vice president of special programs at Comcast Business, was featured in a recent Executive Spotlight interview published Thursday. He shared how the company is advancing its network to ensure it can support the increasing demand from federal agencies to modernize their networks. The Q&A also tackled Comcast Business’ goals, M&A activities and areas of opportunity in the sector.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview with Baer:

“We are evolving our network to 10G, a technology that will allow Comcast to deliver multigigabit upload and download speeds to tens of millions of Americans over the cable connections already installed in their homes and businesses. In 2021, our work on 10G technologies kicked into high gear.

In 2022, Comcast is accelerating our 10G roadmap, even as we expand our network to serve more people in more places, and deploy new technology innovations that deliver more speed, security, and reliability to our customers.”

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