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Q&A With CGI Federal SVP Clay Goldwein Focuses on Zero Trust Implementation, Cyber Hygiene & Innovation in Federal Sector

In the most recent Executive Spotlight interview, ExecutiveBiz spoke with Clay Goldwein, senior vice president of national security and justice at CGI Federal, to talk about the implementation of a zero trust framework at agencies to strengthen their cybersecurity. The Q&A also discussed federal cyber hygiene programs, artificial intelligence- and machine learning-related initiatives and innovation in the sector.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview with Goldwein:

“As a services provider, one of the challenges we face is that agencies can be apprehensive about starting the process. They are concerned that implementing a zero trust architecture will be disruptive to their day-to-day operations, impacting productivity.

Agencies can minimize the potential for disruption by taking an incremental approach to implementing a Zero Trust Architecture.  For example, a schedule can be designed to pause between initiatives, allowing for confirmation that the intended outcome was delivered before planning the next phase.”

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