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KBR to Help Axiom Develop Spacesuit Under $3.5B NASA Contract; Byron Bright Quoted

KBR (NYSE: KBR) is part of an Axiom Space-led industry team that will produce an astronaut spacesuit and spacewalk systems for NASA under a potential $3.5 billion milestone-based contract awarded in June.

Houston-based KBR said Wednesday it will support Axiom Space in manufacturing design, test and verification efforts through the agency’s Exploration Extravehicular Activity Services acquisition program.

The two companies previously collaborated on Axiom’s inaugural commercial space voyage and will work together again under a commercial partnership pact for the NASA-funded project.

Byron Bright, president of KBR’s U.S. government solutions arm, highlighted the historic nature of the NASA xEVAS endeavor, which is organized to promote mobility for astronauts outside of space vehicles in low-Earth orbit, on the Moon and in potential upcoming missions to Mars.

“KBR is honored to have the opportunity to help humanity return to the moon and confident in our decades of development experience to help produce a safe and flexible suit unlike any other,” added Bright, who is a three-time recipient of the Wash100 Award.

The contracted duties and spacesuit conception and production will take place on Axiom Space premises, while the contract’s specifications are managed by NASA’s Johnson Space Center. The spacesuits are intended to be used by commercial clients and private astronauts as well as on the International Space Station and the Artemis lunar voyage.

KBR has been involved in spacesuit design and development for over two and a half decades. Current projects include maintaining and refurbishing NASA space equipment.

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