Top 3 Data Innovation Tools of 2022

Today, government agencies are dealing with more data than ever before. In the Department of Defense, for instance, the proliferation of sensors across numerous mission operations and domains has drastically increased data intake for military branches. 

Within the Intelligence Community, recent geopolitical events have highlighted the urgent need for data-enabled capabilities like enhanced space domain awareness, space-based intelligence and satellite imagery. Data is increasingly important for federal agencies to collect, but it can also be challenging to manage and leverage.

Here are the top three tools helping government agencies collect, process and act upon their massive troves of data:


Artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions have been rapidly expanding their reach in the federal government. One of the White House’s “critical and emerging technologies,” AI/ML can help agencies identify anomalies in their data, gain critical insights into their organizations and fully harness the value of their data to make important decisions more quickly and efficiently. 

AI can also be an invaluable tool for cybersecurity. With the ability to sift through huge volumes of data, AI can help detect cyber vulnerabilities, suspicious activity and potential threats in real-time, and before breaches occur. 

Predictive Analytics

For any organization, insights gleaned from data are perhaps the most valuable when they can improve processes and inform future decisions. Predictive analytics — or the ability to use aggregated data to predict trends, potential behaviors and future events — can help organizations do just that.


Another issue organizations face is where to store their vast amounts of data. Now, many federal agencies are moving to the cloud to solve the issue of data storage. Notably, the Defense Department’s software modernization strategy centers around cloud migration. 

Danielle Metz, deputy CIO for the DOD’s information enterprise, has emphasized that cloud and software modernization are inextricably intertwined. 

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