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Q&A With Richard Riggs of PAE Design and Facility Management Focuses on M&A Moves, Growth Initiatives

In a recent Executive Spotlight interview, ExecutiveBiz spoke with Richard Riggs, director of business development at PAE Design and Facility Management, to discuss previous M&A activities meant to drive company growth and expand its capabilities. He also talked about talent recruitment and retention in the federal industry and how PAE moves to ensure long-term success for its workforce.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview with Riggs detailing PAE’s recent growth initiatives:

“Our company had a ton of positive growth and expanded into more security, service type and technology work. About a year ago, PAE acquired CENTRA, TATE and Delta Bridge, which gave us more of the IT technology capabilities and more intelligent analysts to help us branch into other areas where we hadn’t diversified our portfolio.

In Amentum’s acquisition of PAE, there’s a lot of synergy in the work both of our companies have done and are doing. That helps bring some of the industry and best practices together with ourselves and Amentum to provide us both with a bigger portfolio for our customer base.

We’re looking to expand and actually grow our business through the information technology and cybersecurity areas.”

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