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Q&A With American Systems VP John Steckel Highlights His Corporate Development Responsibilities, Company’s Culture

John Steckel, vice president of corporate development at American Systems, was featured in a recent Executive Spotlight interview published Monday. He discussed his responsibilities and the efforts that align with the company’s organic and inorganic growth initiatives. The Q&A also tackled American Systems’ culture as well as the company’s use of emerging technologies to stay ahead of innovation in the federal landscape.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview with Steckel about his new post as VP of corporate development:

“In this new role, I not only maintain my BD responsibilities but have added responsibilities around our mergers and acquisitions and legislative affairs. It’s an exciting opportunity where I wear multiple hats all aligned to growth.

My goal is to leverage these roles to bolster both our organic and inorganic growth efforts by working within our M&A processes to look for companies that complement our advanced engineering and IT services and fuel our continued growth.”

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