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Video Interview: Redhorse CEO John Zangardi on Today’s Cyber Trends & Challenges

Phishing attempts and cyber attacks are growing increasingly more sophisticated, and organizations must adapt to survive. However, there are some notable hurdles to overcome in successfully implementing cybersecurity best practices.

John Zangardi, CEO of Redhorse Corporation and a 2022 Wash100 Award winner, said a key component of the cybersecurity challenge is the lexicon used to present, discuss and disseminate it.

“The problem that we have to face as we’re going forward is the language of cybersecurity,” Zangardi said in a video interview with Executive Mosaic. “From the plethora of products out there, it’s very hard to make a choice; the technical aspects of it are very deep and could be confusing to many leaders. I think that the language of cybersecurity explanations has to be converted into a language that leadership understands.”

Zangardi also spoke on the reputational implications of cyber attacks and the dangers of “putting all your eggs in one basket” with a singular cybersecurity vendor or service provider.

Additionally, he shared his thoughts on the trends to look out for in the future as data becomes increasingly more critical to organizations. “I think the future includes a need for increased storage because there’s an increased dependency on data centers,” he explained.

Watch the full video interview with Redhorse’s John Zangardi and hear insights from our previous interview participants at ExecutiveMosaic.com.

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