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Q&A With Technica President & CEO Kevin Leonard Discusses Company Growth & Effort to Sustain Momentum

ExecutiveBiz featured Kevin Leonard, president and CEO of Technica, in its recent Executive Spotlight interview published Monday. During the Q&A, he discussed how Technica grew from a $30 million company to over $123 million and the strategic initiatives to maintain that momentum. Leonard also talked about the core values that are important to the company culture.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview with Leonard detailing Technica’s revenue increase:

“Technica has grown from a $30 million company to over $123 million. The key is to adapt to that growth and how your processes need to change to keep that momentum going to continue to grow with the company in the future.

As far as what Technica has been able to accomplish in its processes, which include human resources, finance, contract and operations. My concept coming into the job that I discussed was that I’d like to introduce program management reviews and a governance framework.”

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