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Q&A With Intelligent Waves CGO Tim Patterson Tackles Leadership Approach, Company Culture Building

In a recent Executive Spotlight interview, ExecutiveBiz spoke with Tim Patterson, chief growth officer of Intelligent Waves, to discuss his leadership approach as well as his management style and core values for building company culture. He also talked about innovation in the age of disruption and the emerging technologies influencing the federal government and industry.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview with Patterson detailing his core strengths as a leader:

“I’ve learned that success truly happens as an outcome of organizational success, not just the work of one individual.

There are three tenants that I’ve tried to emulate from the leaders and mentors I’ve had that created strong organizational and mission success. They are communication and collaboration, trust, and then setting a plan and executing it.”

Visit ExecutiveBiz to read the full Executive Spotlight interview with Intelligent Waves CGO Tim Patterson, and don’t miss our other interviews with the most significant executives of consequence to the federal and government contracting sectors.

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