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DOD Restructures Research & Engineering Office; Heidi Shyu Quoted

The Department of Defense’s research and engineering office has made changes to its organization to help DOD speed up the transition of technologies into capabilities for warfighters.

DOD said Tuesday the office redesignated the three directors of defense R&E as deputy chief technology officers.

The deputy CTO for science and technology, formerly director of defense R&E for research and technology, will be responsible for federally funded research and development centers and university affiliated research centers. The office will focus on foundational research and development efforts, including basic research, technology protection, innovation workforce issues, small business programs and laboratory infrastructure.

The deputy CTO for critical technologies, formerly director of defense R&E for modernization, will deal with strategically critical tech areas.

The deputy CTO for mission capabilities, formerly director of defense R&E for advanced capabilities, will focus on mission engineering, joint operations, mission integration, experimentation, prototyping and rapid transition and collaborate with military branches, combatant commands and the Joint Staff on mature technologies.

Taken holistically, these changes will posture our organization to work at speed and increase collaboration both inside and outside the Department,” said Heidi Shyu, defense undersecretary for research and engineering and a 2022 Wash100 Award winner.

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