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Leidos’ Chad Haferbier: Open Architecture Key to Government Innovation for Multidomain Operations

Chad Haferbier, vice president of multidomain operations solutions at Leidos (NYSE: LDOS), said agencies seeking to advance modernization should transition to open-architecture, nonproprietary frameworks that “enable rapid, iterative improvements.”

“Open architectures also enable agencies to prioritize interoperability and data sharing between systems in an approach known as multi-domain operations,” Haferbier wrote.

He cited the need for a wide range of partners to be involved in multidomain operations to meet mission outcomes and how the adoption of the approach could enable civilian and military agencies to rapidly integrate new capabilities into new systems and utilize the power of cross-domain, cross-company and cross-agency digital synergies.

Haferbier discussed the formation of the Edge to Cloud ecosystem and how it could help enhance decision-making, mission outcomes and government activities.

“E2C is bidirectional. It enables data collection and compute operations to be conducted where data is collected, and it also transports data back to other systems for broader distribution,” he noted.

Haferbier also mentioned Leidos’ partnership with companies such as Intel (Nasdaq: INTC), Amazon Web Services, HashiCorp (Nasdaq: HCP) and Guardtime Federal to develop scalable platforms that accelerate operations by eliminating stovepipes.

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