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Executive Spotlight With AIS Defense VP Wade Allen Focuses on Emerging Tech, Company Culture & Digital Transformation

In a recent Executive Spotlight interview, ExecutiveBiz spoke with Wade Allen, vice president of defense for Applied Information Sciences, to discuss emerging technologies’ impacts on federal industry businesses and the digital transformation efforts driven by the company to address current challenges. He also talked about AIS’ culture and work with various industry organizations to contribute to the greater community.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview with Allen on company focus areas:

“From a core value perspective, I’m over from the defense side of the business, which is about half of our overall business. AIS is heavily focused on supporting our customers’ missions. It’s one of our core values and sets us apart from other larger companies. We’re always focused on the mission, our internal people and our customers.

Our top priority is ensuring our customers have the support they need to drive their digital transformation efforts to reach the cloud capabilities they need. A lot of that process is listening to our customers directly about their mission objectives. It’s easier for ASI to put people into the positions they need, but we take it another step further to focus on driving their strategic goals.”

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