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Executive Spotlight Interview With Peraton VP & GM Zaki Saleh Tackles Zero Trust, Digital Modernization in Federal Health Care

Zaki Saleh, vice president and general manager of global health business at Peraton, was featured in a recent Executive Spotlight interview published Wednesday. He discussed the challenges faced by agencies in zero trust implementation and the company’s efforts to help them with their respective data security initiatives. The Q&A also covered the data modernization in the federal health sector as well as several innovations in the industry relating to artificial intelligence, 5G and other emerging technologies.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview with Saleh about health care data modernization:

“Healthcare in the U.S. is full of data sets that are disconnected that cannot be viewed or acted upon by patients, providers and payers. While the broader industry shift to certified electronic health record technology delivered legible digital records and more portable data, it came up short in quantifiably improving the cost, effectiveness, and satisfaction of health care services…

At Peraton, we looked at harnessing technology to break down the barriers to care – we call ‘Care without Boundaries’ and built a digital health care data integration hub that we brand as HealthConcourse. To realize care without boundaries, we strive to enable complete interoperability of all assets that are shared or of mutual interest to multiple stakeholders.”

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