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Parraid Unveils Tactical Communications Tech for Emergency Responders; John Parris Quoted

Parraid has launched a tactical communications system designed to support disaster and emergency first responders operating in areas without cellular coverage.

The Vector Iridium Data Link from Parraid is a military-grade, portable command and control system that comes with an on-screen application for operations management and works to provide secure voice and data communications to responders using Iridium Communications’ (Nasdaq: IRDM) satellite network in low-Earth orbit, Parraid said Tuesday.

VIDL is a ruggedized platform that uses the Iridium Satellite Push-to-Talk technology and can facilitate data sharing with Microsoft Windows and Android-based computing systems.

The technology can also also provide tactical communications support to border security, maritime, public safety and military personnel.

VIDL is a satellite link designed to “provide real-time situational awareness that is critical for any agency with a mission to monitor logistics, location, and security of personnel,” said John Parris, co-founder and managing partner at Parraid.

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