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Leidos’ Derrick Pledger: Strategic Partnerships Could Help Drive Government Digital Modernization

Derrick Pledger, vice president and director of the Digital Modernization Accelerator at Leidos (NYSE: LDOS), said establishing deep strategic partnerships with other companies could help facilitate the development of new capabilities and platforms that could help address mission challenges facing federal agencies.

Pledger wrote that there are three main challenges that are driving agencies to advance digital transformation efforts and these are data explosion, cyberthreats and hacking campaigns and transition to more complex hybrid information technology environments.

He noted that such partnerships are marked by a commitment to transparency and open communication lines when it comes to investments and strategy.

“We also operate in what we describe as a badgeless environment in which experts from different companies work side-by-side to engineer new capabilities and solutions,” he added.

Pledger said Leidos works with Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT), Amazon Web Services, Intel (Nasdaq: INTC), Rancher Federal and HashiCorp (Nasdaq: HCP) to push digital modernization across the U.S. Army and the Department of Defense through its Edge to Cloud digital ecosystem, which allows new technologies and legacy systems to coexist and enables sharing of information to provide the military an edge over adversaries in terms of decision-making.

Reston, Virginia-based technology services contractor Leidos also partnered with Zscaler (Nasdaq: ZS) and Palo Alto Networks (Nasdaq: PANW) to help agencies adopt a zero trust approach in accordance with a cybersecurity executive order signed in May 2021.

“We then work with our partners to devise a plan to address any security gaps and create a roadmap to move the agency along on its zero trust journey, with the end goal of preparing the agency to defend against external cybersecurity risks and internal threat actors,” Pledger noted.

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