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Executive Spotlight With NTT Data VP Michelle Sangiuliano Shares Company’s Focus Areas, Growth Strategies

Michelle Sangiuliano, vice president of civilian programs and operations with NTT Data, was featured in the most recent Executive Spotlight interview with ExecutiveBiz on Tuesday. She talked about the company’s recent acquisitions and their contribution to its product portfolio and technical capabilities. Sangiuliano also covered her overall growth strategy for NTT Data.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview with Sangiuliano about her focus areas:

“NTT Data is poised to help our clients take full advantage of these technologies and assist in ongoing modernization efforts. Our continual investment in R&D means we are on the front lines of new technologies, driving operational changes and cost reductions throughout the year.

Within the federal client base, our focus is on the technical areas that drive innovation and advancement in areas like cloud-based solutions, AI, and data analytics. We are starting to see a greater shift towards as-a-service models, there is a lot more coming. These last two years were just the tip of the iceberg.”

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