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New JADC2 Strategy Highlights Importance of Mission Partner Information Sharing

The Department of Defense is placing high priority on the development of secure, resilient mission partner environments as it moves forward with its highly-anticipated Joint All-Domain Command and Control initiative.

“Modernizing mission partner information sharing” is one of the five key lines of effort that make up the Department of Defense’s JADC2 Strategy and classified implementation plan, both released earlier this month.

The JADC2 strategy aims to guide the Defense Department and the U.S. military towards regaining and maintaining information and decision advantage over “agile adversaries” who are working to undermine the United States’ strengths and deny command and control capabilities for warfighters. 

The mission partner line of effort aims to “broaden and improve” the Joint Force’s exchange of information and coordination of actions and effects with its allies in a wide variety of partnered operations.

“Ideal mission partner system integration is realized when data from each partner’s C2 systems can be accessed, viewed, and acted upon by every other approved partner,” the document states. “However, emerging missions, large coalitions, and evolving technologies present ongoing obstacles to achieving this goal.”

The LOE aims to increase shared situational awareness, therefore helping the Joint Force and its allies establish and maintain a common understanding of the operational environment, the strategy says.

In addition to mission partner information sharing, other lines of effort include establishing the JADC2 data enterprise; establishing the JADC2 human enterprise; establishing the JADC2 technical enterprise; and integrating nuclear C2 and communications with JADC2.

To learn more about how government and industry are partnering to build mission partner environments, join the Potomac Officers Club on April 7 for “The Future of Mission Partner Information Sharing” forum.

Stu Whitehead, deputy director of cyber and command, control, communications and computers integration for the Department of Defense is scheduled to keynote the forum and speak alongside other notable federal and industry leaders.

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