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Executive Spotlight With AWS Director Clint Crosier Discusses AWS Cloud, Global Communications & Space Exploration

Clint Crosier, director of aerospace and satellite solutions at Amazon Web Services, was featured in the most recent Executive Spotlight interview with ExecutiveBiz on Wednesday. He discussed the modernization of network and platform capabilities through AWS Cloud, the global communications and cloud advancements, the development of the future of warfare and how space exploration is affected by high-performance computing, digital engineering and other emerging technologies. The retired U.S. Air Force/Space Force major general also talked about the opportunities and challenges in establishing the U.S. Space Force.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview with Crosier on AWS Cloud:

“As we think about a warfighting environment and the DoD on the military side of things, one of the most important ways that we can help the government is to help them achieve a strategic advantage that comes from gathering and analyzing data faster and where it’s needed most.

The advantage goes to whoever can execute their loop faster, make sense of what’s happening, determine what to do and push data, information and the decisions back out to the field. That’s the organization or military branch that will have established a strategic advantage, which is where cloud capabilities are extremely helpful.”

Visit ExecutiveBiz to read the full Executive Spotlight interview with AWS’ Aerospace and Satellite Solutions Director Clint Crosier, and don’t miss our other interviews with the most significant executives of consequence to the federal and government contracting sector.

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