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BlueHalo CEO Jonathan Moneymaker Named to 2022 Wash100 for Leading Company Growth & Key Acquisitions; Driving Warfighter Capabilities

Jonathan Moneymaker, CEO of BlueHalo, has been named a 2022 Wash100 Award recipient, the most prestigious and acclaimed award in all of government contracting (GovCon), for his innovation centric leadership approach that drives company growth and technology capabilities for the company’s customers as well as U.S. warfighters across our nation’s service branches.

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Executive Mosaic is pleased to recognize Moneymaker as a first-time Wash100 winner. Visit Wash100.com to cast a vote for Jonathan Moneymaker as one of your TEN votes to advocate for your favorite leaders in the federal and government sectors.

BlueHalo underwent significant growth over the course of 2021, which includes several key acquisitions for the company such as its move to purchase Citadel Defense. In his statement following the acquisition in Nov. 2021, Moneymaker explained that the combination of Citadel and BlueHalo’s unique technologies will accelerate the technology roadmap to rapidly field technologies critical to the warfighter.

The combined company is offering an integrated multimodal cUAS platform designed for military and critical infrastructure protection applications as well as the company’s directed energy and perimeter security offerings.

“Citadel has established itself as a leader in the cUAS market and continues to innovate at a pace necessary to stay ahead of the rapidly evolving threat environment,” Moneymaker explained. “We are incredibly excited to partner with the Citadel team as we continue to expand our cUAS capabilities and deliver transformative, market leading solutions to our customers.”

In addition, BlueHalo announced the acquisition of Asymmetrik in November 2021 in order to grow its cyber and signal intelligence portfolio and provide intelligence community customers with open-source intelligence offerings.

Asymmetrik brings experience in developing artificial intelligence/machine learning applications and other technologies for blockchain analytics, cryptocurrency, cybersecurity, federated search and OSINT.

“The combination of Asymmetrik’s and BlueHalo’s deep technical capabilities, cultures of excellence, and focus on the mission will only further enhance our ability to serve our customers’ most important and complex needs,” said Moneymaker.

As BlueHalo entered into 2022, the Joint Acquisition Intelligence Center (JAIC), through the Department of Defense, has awarded an Artificial Intelligence Test & Evaluation (T&E) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) to the company for the use of AI-enhanced communication for use in combat situations by American warfighters.

The specific areas of development under development include interface applications using voice to text, image analysis, testing deep learning-based visual search and image classifier capabilities as well as the natural Language Processing-enabled products and autonomous systems.

The contract will utilize BlueHalo’s extensive experience developing and delivering total artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to support customers’ intelligence missions.

Most recently, BlueHalo announced that the company has received a U.S. Army contract to craft an artificial intelligence/machine learning-based sUAS in order to boost mission efficiency, sensor performance and cut down on cognitive demand from warfighters.

BlueHalo will harness its technical practices for manned and counter-unmanned systems, including R&D, engineering and fabrication and prototyping. The company will create swarm logic capabilities, as well as communication systems and modernized technologies through a system-of-systems approach.

“Our customers continue to turn to BlueHalo to achieve what has never been done before and HIVE is another excellent example of utilizing BlueHalo’s capabilities to do just that,” Moneymaker remarked.

Visit Wash100.com to vote for Jonathan Moneymaker and who you believe deserves the recognition as the most significant leader to the GovCon community and federal landscape.

Executive Mosaic is proud to recognize BlueHalo and Jonathan Moneymaker for receiving his first Wash100 Award. As a first-time winner of the most coveted award in GovCon, Moneymaker has demonstrated a level of success and recognition that can only be recognized by the Wash100 Award and the GovCon community.

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