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2022 Wash100 Voting Update: Gen. Lloyd Austin Surges Back Into 2nd Place; Kathleen Hicks and Lisa Costa Climb Rankings

There is only a little over a month remaining to vote in the 2022 Wash100 Award rankings of the most prestigious executives in the DMV and beyond. Any time between now and April 30 (the sooner the better!), do yourself a favor and participate by casting a ballot of 10 votes for those execs out of the entire list that you find have made the most impact in the fields of GovCon, government and related industries. The competition grows fiercer by the week and the race has continued to tighten since January.

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This week, there were a number of significant shifts in the top 30 ranking, including some notable movements in the top 10. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin moved from the number four spot to the number two spot, tying with his best-ever placement this year and inching that much closer to unseating Director of the National Security Agency and Commander of U.S. Cyber Command, General Paul Nakasone, who has now held the number one spot for a month straight.

Also ascendant in the top 10 was Deputy Director of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Tonya Wilkerson, who rose from the number eight slot to the number six slot in just a week’s time. It is Wilkerson’s first-ever Wash100 Award. Additionally, General John Raymond, formerly of the U.S. Air Force and now chief of space operations at Space Force, came in at number eight this week after placing at number nine last week.

Making their highest appearance on the list so far this year were Deputy Secretary of Defense Dr. Kathleen Hicks, who climbed from number 12 to number 10 and Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at Space Force, Dr. Lisa Costa, moving from last week’s number 14 to this week’s number 13. These executives could capitalize on this momentum and continue making their way up the top 10.

Click through to see the full list of awardees for the 2022 Wash100 and their Popular Vote rankings by industry and government.

Further down the list, a pair of executives made a hearty push to gain traction in this final third of the vote ranking period. Five-time Wash100 Award winner and President of General Dynamics Information Technology, Amy Gilliland soared from number 28 to number 23 in just a week’s time.

Neck and neck with Gilliland was her colleague, eight-time Wash100 Award winner and Chairman and CEO of General Dynamics, Phebe Novakovic, who leaped five spots, from number 26 to number 21.

These dramatic shifts in fate and nail-biting races are all thanks to your votes and contributions. If you haven’t yet submitted your thoughts in the mix, do so now at Wash100.com! You get 10 allotted votes to spread the love to an elite crew of your favorite executives in the government contracting world.

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