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Former Navy Civilian Officer Steve Landau Named SPA Chief Engineer

Steve Landau, a long-time official of the U.S. Department of the Navy’s Strategic Systems Program, has been appointed chief engineer and director for naval undersea systems at Systems Planning and Analysis.

In his new role, Landau will manage SPA’s portfolio of products and services designed to support naval undersea missions and national nuclear deterrent programs, the company said.

Landau most recently served as chief engineer of the Navy SPP, responsible for overseeing the program’s technical policies and disciplines, weapon system engineering and system authorization.

During his 33-year career with the Navy, he was assigned to the Senior Executive Service to manage emerging missions and payload integration business lines and managed SPP projects such as designing a common missile compartment with the U.K. and integrating the Trident II (D5) strategic weapons system into the Columbia-class ballistic missile submarine construction program.

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