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Blue Origin to Acquire Ensign-Bickford Industries’ Robotics Company in February

Blue Origin has agreed to acquire advanced robotics manufacturer Honeybee Robotics from technology conglomerate Ensign-Bickford Industries for an undisclosed amount.

Once the deal is completed in mid-February, Honeybee will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of Blue Origin while retaining its brands, leadership team, offerings and business processes, the EBI company said Tuesday.

Blue Origin looks to augment its space flight systems with Honeybee’s expertise in planetary robotics and mechanisms, specialized space technologies, drills, motors, actuators and drive electronics. The acquisition is meant to support Blue Origin’s goals focused on space flight and space resources availability.

“With Blue Origin we look forward to further expanding our capacity to meet the most exciting challenges in next-generation space transportation, space mobility, space destinations, and planetary science and exploration,” shared Kiel Davis, president of Honeybee.

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