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Cloudera’s Robert Carey: Agencies Should Link Cloud, Data, AI Strategies to Help Address Mission Challenges

Robert Carey, president of Cloudera’s government solutions business, said agencies seeking to advance their capability to deliver on missions should understand the importance of connecting cloud, data management and artificial intelligence strategies.

“By linking all three efforts, the government can leap ahead in terms of efficiency and effectiveness,” Carey wrote.

He noted how cloud technology provides agencies the storage and computing platform they need to meet the demands of AI and machine learning algorithms.

The Cloudera executive said agencies should address the challenges to information sharing to advance AI adoption and carry out their missions.

He discussed that there are two steps agencies should take to help facilitate AI project collaboration while ensuring the integrity and security of government data: accelerating “the use of data for the common good” and enacting “role-based access and robust identity credentials so that only those people authorized to see and interact with certain data are allowed to do so.”

Carey cited the establishment of the Joint AI Center by the Department of Defense. He said JAIC reflects a “purposeful allocation of resources” and serves as a model for other agencies as they work to develop, scale and deploy AI platforms.

“By recognizing the key roles that cloud technology and data strategies play, agencies can accelerate the use of AI to address government challenges,” he added.

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