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Report: Assets in Worldwide Crypto Funds Hit $63B

Assets in global cryptocurrency funds rose from $24 billion in 2020 to $63 billion in 2021, Bloomberg reported Tuesday.

Bloomberg Intelligence data shows that the number of investment vehicles tracking cryptocurrency globally climbed to 80 in 2021, up from 35 the previous year.

“Globally, it’s obviously a phenomenon that’s starting to take off,” Leah Wald, CEO of crypto asset manager Valkyrie Investments, said of crypto funds. “If you look at inflows on a volume perspective, not only has it been steady even with the price corrections that Bitcoin is notoriously famous for, but you’re seeing a lot of institutions jump in.”

Calendar year 2021 also marked the October launch of the ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF, the first U.S. Bitcoin futures exchange traded fund.

POC - Digital Currency and National Security Forum

On Jan. 27, the Potomac Officers Club will bring together distinguished government and industry leaders to offer the GovCon community an insight into the national security aspect of digital currencies.

POC’s Digital Currency and National Security forum will feature National Cyber Director Chris Inglis and Juan Zarate, global co-managing partner and chief strategy officer at K2 Integrity, as speakers.

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