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SAP NS2’s Brian Paget: Agencies Need Monitoring Strategy to Better Manage Multicloud Environments

Brian Paget, chief strategy officer at SAP National Security Services, said government agencies need a comprehensive strategy and a framework that would enable them to monitor cloud security, compliance, cost, resources and all other aspects of multicloud environments.

Paget wrote that information technology teams at agencies should understand how their organizations utilize resources and ensure that applications and resources comply with government security requirements.

“In addition, monitoring compliance and resource optimization is the key to ensuring uptime and appropriate capacity, as well as answering questions about costs,” he noted.

“Agencies need to understand how they’re running and operating cloud applications and then make sure they’re applying the right framework for managing security policies,” Paget added.

Paget noted that efficiency and flexibility are the key benefits of a multicloud environment and that agencies should examine how to optimize apps for the environment.

He also talked about CloudMIXR and how the framework could help agencies track cloud security, resources, costs and compliance posture.

“Agencies can use CloudMIXR to manage costs and identify when software in their clouds falls out of compliance with security protocols,” Paget wrote. “It’s an efficient way to ensure that agencies experience all the benefits of a multi-cloud environment in terms of cost savings, security, elasticity and flexibility.”

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