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Michael Berkowitz of Resilient Cities Catalyst to Headline GovCon Wire Event on Climate Resilience

Michael Berkowitz, founding principal of climate-focused non-profit organization, Resilient Cities Catalyst, will deliver the keynote address at a Nov. 18 virtual event hosted by GovCon Wire Events to share insights on how public and private sector organizations can leverage urban resilience movement approaches to ensure future success as climate change continues to remain at the forefront of global priorities.

Berkowitz is a former member of the Rockefeller Foundation, where he shaped and led the creation of the foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities (100RC), a coalition whose leadership team later formed the organization that became Resilient Cities Catalyst. Berkowitz served as president of 100RC from its inception in 2013 to its transition to Resilient Cities Catalyst in 2019.

Prior to his time at 100RC, Berkowitz spent over eight years at Deutsche Bank, where he served as global head of operational risk management and chief operating officer for corporate security and business continuity.

Previously, Berkowitz also served seven years as deputy commissioner for New York City’s Office of Emergency Management, where he notably led the agency’s Public-Private Emergency Planning Initiative and the Ready New York citizen preparedness campaign, among other major planning initiatives.

During his tenure at OEM, Berkowitz notably spearheaded response efforts to multiple globally impactful incidents and implemented contingency plans for Biological Terrorism, Transit Strikes and New York City Coastal Storms.

Join “Climate Resilience: Reducing Risk and Creating Opportunities Fireside Chat,” hosted by GovCon Wire Events to hear Michael Berkowitz discuss how he’s working to help cities prepare for, mitigate and better prepare for the effects of climate-related events as threats continue to evolve and emerge.

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