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Thomas Kurian: Google Eyes Participation in DOD’s Joint Warfighter Cloud Capability Program

Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian said the company will compete once it receives an invitation to bid on the Department of Defense’s Joint Warfighting Cloud Capability contract.

“And if selected as one of the compliant vendors, we will proudly work with the DoD to help them modernize their operations following the process we have in place for working with our customers, including the processes we’ve developed around our AI Principles,” Kurian wrote in a blog post published Friday.

In early November, reports emerged that Google’s cloud computing arm is planning to compete for the JWCC multivendor contract, which replaces the Pentagon’s Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure program that was canceled in July.

Kurian said JWCC could help DOD and the government advance innovation, reduce costs, improve cybersecurity and increase productivity.

“The JWCC may be used by the Department to store personnel records, analyze recruitment, keep medical records, or implement advanced cloud solutions beyond storage or basic analytics,” he added.

He noted that the company has further developed its cloud services “to meet a number of government classification levels.” Google announced on Nov. 3 that it secured FedRAMP High authorization for its Google Workspace collaboration platform and obtained DOD Impact Level 4 designation for key Google Cloud services.

“The JWCC framework will offer up many opportunities for Google to help the men and women in our armed services to ensure their success and safety, and we look forward to doing so just as Google has been doing for many years,” Kurian added.

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