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Executive Spotlight With Amentum VP Paul Cummings Tackles Training System Modernization, Military Application of Emerging Tech

In its most recent Executive Spotlight interview, ExecutiveBiz spoke with Paul Cummings, vice president of Transformational Training Systems for Amentum, about how U.S. military branches are implementing the latest training systems and a new “train as you fight” approach, and what is the future advancement of these systems as technology continues to evolve.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview with Cummings discussing the future of tech and training modernization to keep warfighters and systems ahead of the curve:

“We’re at a much higher level of maturity than we were ten years ago. There’s really great work that’s coming out of not only the use of these systems but how do we collect information and provide accurate measurement of, ‘is this a good tool to use here.’ We want to apply a virtual reality system. We’d like to be able to do an augmented reality system so we need to build these matrix structures to help make those determinations to apply those technologies effectively.”

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