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BlackBerry’s Brian Robison: Securing People, Data, Apps Could Help Agencies Keep Pace With Evolving Workforce

Brian Robison, vice president of solutions strategy and chief evangelist at BlackBerry (NYSE: BB), said agencies should redirect their security initiatives toward people, apps and data to keep up and meet the needs of a mobile workforce.

Robison wrote that securing apps and data starts with user identification and transitioning to a continuous authentication model could help the government improve security and user experience.

“It involves seamlessly authenticating users every step of the way — when they touch the keyboard or scroll through an app on a screen,” he said of the continuous authentication framework.

Robison called on agencies to encrypt data in motion and at rest and decrypt data “when an authorized user needs to see and interact with it.”

Agencies looking to understand individual users’ behavior can put artificial intelligence to work. Robison noted that AI could help organizations detect malicious behavior of individual users and predict the behavior of software prior to deployment.

He also discussed how an AI-based BlackBerry technology could help identify and block ransomware.

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