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Microsoft Federal’s Jason Payne: Agencies Need Single Governance Model to Manage Multicloud, Hybrid IT Environments

Jason Payne, chief technology officer of Microsoft’s (Nasdaq: MSFT) federal business, said agencies should reassess how they field and manage multicloud and hybrid information technology environments and one of the things they should consider is having a comprehensive, coherent security model that looks at the applications’ entire lifecycle as they advance modernization in the cloud.

“By combining the security and compliance aspects of modernization with a coherent IT architecture, agencies can drive down costs for managing those applications in the cloud,” Payne wrote.

“The cost savings can allow agencies to fund further modernization efforts or conduct research and development activities around core workloads or advanced capabilities such as artificial intelligence,” he added.

Payne said agencies planning to implement a cloud-agnostic approach should use an infrastructure-as-code strategy and “use orchestration tools to deploy applications and adopt services that are certified by the vendor-neutral Cloud Native Computing Foundation.”

He said one of the tools agencies could use to manage an entire infrastructure of hybrid IT and multicloud environments is Microsoft’s Azure Arc, which could enable organizations to adopt a unified approach to overseeing their Azure data services, Kubernetes clusters and Windows and Linux servers wherever they are while extending the implementation of DevOps and security best practices across multicloud, edge and on-premises environments.

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