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Sev1Tech to Develop Data Transport Prototype for Space Force; Robert Lohfeld Quoted

Sev1Tech has won a $47.5 million contract to develop a data transport-as-a-service platform for the U.S. Space Force.

The Woodbridge, Virginia-based information technology company will aim to build and demonstrate the DTaaS prototype for the branch’s mission partners as part of the meshONE-Terrestrial program, the Space Systems Command said Monday.

Under the Space Enterprise Consortium’s other transaction authority award, the prototype mesh network will be deployed first to a set of military service mission partners to support their national security mission.

Once fully operational, meshONE-T is expected to enable high-bandwidth, intelligent and tactical-edge networking capabilities that will connect Space Force and U.S. Air Force assets to each other and others within the military, the intelligence community and foreign mission partners.

“We are honored to provide transformational engineering, design and implementation to [SSC] by delivering warfighters a modernized data transport capability to transmit and receive data securely and reliably, allowing robust [JADC2] across all phases of conflict,” said Bob Lohfeld, CEO of Sev1Tech.

According to Col. Rhet Turnbull, director of SSC’s Cross Mission Ground and Communications Enterprise, the prototype will be operational in 2022.

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