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Geospark Analytics Names Omar Balkissoon as CEO; John Goolgasian as President, CGO

Omar Balkissoon, executive chairman of Geospark Analytics, will assume additional role as CEO while John Goolgasian, former chief operating officer, will serve as president and chief growth officer as part of the company’s recently announced leadership changes.

Balkissoon’s appointment and Goolgasian’s promotion are meant to continue Geospark Analytics’ growth following the two executives’ efforts to secure partnership with consultancy Control Risks, the applied artificial intelligence company said Tuesday.

As executive chair and CEO, Balkissoon, previous Wash100 awardee, will use his technical expertise to lead Geospark’s next phase of growth, focusing on partnerships, workforce expansion and retention, and the Hyperion AI machine-learning product.

Meanwhile, Goolgasian’s new responsibilities will revolve around the company’s long-term strategy, corporate resilience, and public and private sector growth.

“We are entering into what we call Phase III of our company, moving beyond concept and start-up to a true scale-up,” said Goolgasian.

In late June, Control Risks secured a 10 percent stake in Geospark as part of an effort to offer AI technologies for global risk and threat analysts.

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