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Q&A With Brian O’Donnell, VP of Cybersecurity Solutions at Carahsoft

On June 29, ExecutiveBiz released its Q&A with Brian O’Donnell, vice president of Cybersecurity Solutions at Carahsoft. The executive discussed the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification, which is meant to improve the overall cybersecurity posture of the defense industrial base and supply chain, and talked about the path to compliance for suppliers, particularly considering each company is in a different place in the CMMC journey.

“We believe compliance starts with knowledge, so we’ve been compiling lots of great resources for contractors looking at CMMC. This information includes details about the CMMC framework, its five maturity levels, and the processes and practices within the 17 capability domains,” said O’Donnell.

ExecutiveBiz: What is the path to compliance for the defense industrial base?

“The target market is large and diverse. Defense contractors of all sizes with varied business models are on the path to compliance—about 300,000 companies around the U.S. Every organization is in a different place. Some organizations are fully prepared and waiting for their audit. Some organizations are just getting started with self-assessment and building their plan for remediation.

Every organization will take a different approach to compliance. They can choose cloud, on-prem or hybrid. They can choose in-house or managed services or hybrid. They can choose an enclave or all-in. You get the idea.

Because we partner with such a wide range of vendors, we are in a unique position to help contractors identify the right technology based on their existing tech stack and maturity level.”

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