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Executive Spotlight With AFS Chief Executive John Goodman, Novetta CEO Tiffanny Gates

Last week, ExecutiveBiz released its latest Executive Spotlight interview featuring both John Goodman, chief executive for Accenture Federal Services (AFS), and Novetta CEO Tiffanny Gates, who are both recent 2021 Wash100 Award recipients, following the news that AFS will be acquiring Novetta.

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Gates and Goodman discussed the background behind the acquisition coming to pass, the merging of their company cultures and growth strategies in the federal sector, and the digital transformation efforts of both companies as the acquisition is finalized over the next few months.

Here’s an excerpt from both elite executives detailing Gates’ excitement about the acquisition and Goodman commenting on the natural chemistry that will help to ease the companies together:

John Goodman: “Tiffanny and I began our discussions regarding an acquisition a few months ago. It was clear to me from our initial discussion that we were aligned on the things that matter most, namely our strategy, culture, and people.”

Tiffanny Gates: “As we close this deal and begin to work on what we are going to go after together, the sum of the parts will greatly exceed all expectations. I am excited about the strategic direction. It’s going to be fun to put together.”

John Goodman and Tiffanny Gates Receives Their 2021 Wash100 Awards

Visit ExecutiveBiz to read the full Executive Spotlight with John Goodman of Accenture Federal Services and Novetta’s Tiffanny Gates. Don’t miss our other interviews on ExecutiveBiz with the most significant executives of consequence to the federal and government contracting (GovCon) sectors.

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