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Executive Spotlight With Steven Bilby, President of Cherokee Federal Discusses Company Growth, Customer IT Solutions & Emerging Technology Impact

ExecutiveBiz had the opportunity to speak with Cherokee Federal President Steven Bilby for its latest Executive Spotlight. During the interview, Bilby discussed the significant growth and success the company has had in the federal sector over the last decade, the drive for IT solutions, including unmanned capabilities, data and other emerging technology as well as the importance of working to support its customers.

“There are three significant factors that have contributed to our growth; the obsessive focus on building our business around our customers’ needs, our desire to solve complex challenges and most importantly – having a talented team who is relentlessly serving the customer’s mission.

The founding principle behind everything we do is service and support the customer. One thing you will always hear us say at Cherokee Federal is ‘Building, Solving and Serving.’ This is how we work – and it’s much more than just a marketing slogan.”

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