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AT&T, FirstNET Increase Number of Portable Cell Sites for First Responders to Over 100; Jason Porter Quoted

AT&T (NYSE: T) has announced the expansion of the FirstNet broadband communications platform’s deployable network assets to support public safety personnel during emergency response efforts.

The company said Thursday the expansion provides law enforcement, firefighters, emergency medical service personnel and other first responders access to over 100 FirstNet portable cell sites to deliver communications support during the 2021 hurricane and wildfire seasons.

“We’ve expanded the FirstNet fleet to provide even more portable cell sites, as well as to introduce new types of assets to help public safety stay mission ready,” said Jason Porter, president of public sector and FirstNet at AT&T.

AT&T said the company and the First Responder Network Authority fielded three communications vehicles across the U.S. and four additional micro satellite cell on light trucks or micro SatCOLTs to support this year’s wildfire season.

The telecommunications company also mentioned the deployment of portable cell sites to three Pacific territories, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands and ground-based assets, including 10 additional SatCOLTs, across the country to provide connectivity for first responders.

The FirstNet fleet also includes airborne assets, including the FirstNet One aerostat and flying cells on wings.

AT&T helped establish the national public safety broadband network under a $6.5 billion contract the FirstNet Authority awarded in 2017.

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