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Nicholas Speece, Vishal Kapur: Snowflake-Deloitte Team Seeks to Help Agencies Build AI-Driven, Cloud-Based Data Architecture

Nicholas Speece of Snowflake (NYSE: SNOW) and Vishal Kapur of Deloitte Consulting said government agencies need a modern data architecture that uses cloud and artificial intelligence to facilitate data management and help glean insights from large volumes of data and unstructured content.

Snowflake has combined its Data Cloud and collaboration platform with Deloitte’s CortexAI for Government system under a partnership to help agencies advance cloud-based data management and rapidly develop AI tools, Speece and Kapur wrote.

Vishal Kapur, Principal, Strategy and Analytics, Deloitte Consulting

“Snowflake’s collaborative platform enables employees from different parts of the agency to reuse and share data while building on one another’s efforts,” Kapur and Speece said. “The platform can meet the concurrency and scale requirements of a large multi-agency cloud architecture that has petabytes or even zettabytes of data and hundreds of thousands of users.”

They also discussed how a data-driven approach could help the government become more proactive and address the COVID-19 pandemic, economic recovery, climate crisis and other challenges.

Speece and Kapur also talked about data as a strategic asset and the need for agencies to come up with analytics and data architectures to combine data from various sources.

“The conversation about data should start and stop with the mission impact and how quality data can improve decision-making and customer services,” they noted.

Speece is chief federal technologist at Snowflake. Kapur is a principal at Deloitte’s strategy and analytics practice.

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