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Oshkosh Subsidiary Receives $147M in Army Heavy Tactical Vehicle Delivery Orders

An Oshkosh (NYSE: OSK) subsidiary has received initial delivery orders worth $146.8 million from the U.S. Army for new and upgraded trucks, as part of a three-year Family of Medium Tactical Vehicle IV contract extension.

Oshkosh Defense said Monday it will build or modernize 353 heavy expanded mobility tactical trucks, palletized load systems vehicles and heavy equipment transporters for the service branch.

The FHTV is designed with an architecture that can work with autonomous, condition-based maintenance, onboard power and driver assistance technologies.

To date, the defense contractor has produced and recapitalized more than 49,800 HEMTTs, 12,000 PLS vehicles and 5,600 HETs through the FMTV program.

Oshkosh also reached a milestone in the Army’s Joint Light Tactical Vehicle program earlier this year when the company built the 10,000th JLTV under a $6.75 billion contract awarded in August 2015.

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