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Executive Spotlight With Unanet CEO Craig Halliday Explores Advanced ERP Solutions, Benefits for GovCon Sector

ExecutiveBiz released its latest Executive Spotlight interview with Craig Halliday, chief executive officer of Unanet, on Wednesday to discuss the launch of the company’s recently enhanced capabilities for its ERP technology platform, the benefits for contractors in GovCon and the federal workforce as a whole following the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“As the COVID-19 pandemic made remote work far more common, many of our customers asked for the ability to work fully via their mobile devices or at least more mobile than before the pandemic. We took time to do that right by making a fully mobile app with a great user experience,” Halliday explained during the interview.

Visit ExecutiveBiz to read Unanet CEO Craig Halliday’s full Executive Spotlight interview.

To learn more from Halliday, check out a prior interview with ExecutiveBiz from back in Jan. regarding Unanet’s advancements to its customer relationship management (CRM) and more about ERP solutions.

You can also find the best-in-class Executive Spotlight interviews on ExecutiveBiz with more of the elite leaders in the GovCon and federal landscape to recognize their initiatives and contributions to our sector, workforce and community.

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