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Potomac Officers Club Featuring JAIC Director Lt. Gen. Michael Groen as Keynote Speaker for Today’s Artificial Intelligence Summit

The innovative use of artificial intelligence (AI) has greatly advanced emerging technology that will dramatically change elements of the defense, security and intelligence apparatus across federal and industry sectors. AI will also play a crucial role on, near and above the future battlefields of our time. 

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During Potomac Officers Club’s 3rd Annual AI Summit, notable federal and industry leaders will meet to discuss how to advance technology at speed and how private-public partnerships are critical to maintaining the technology race’s competitive advantage. 

Featuring 2021 Wash100 Award recipient Lt. Gen. Michael Groen, director of the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC), as keynote speaker, the summit will also foster discussions on how collaboration with civilian agencies and international allies is vital to the development and implementation of AI standards that promote interoperability, dependability and trustworthiness. 

To register for the Third Annual AI Summit and view upcoming opportunities, visit Potomac Officers Club’s Event Page.

Lt. Gen. Groen became director of JAIC in Oct. 2020 and led the integration of artificial intelligence which transformed U.S. Joint warfighting and departmental processes. Under Gen. Groen’s leadership, JAIC will continue to integrate technology development with the requisite policies, knowledge, procedures and relationships to ensure long-term success and scalability.

Prior to his nomination as JAIC director, Gen. Groen has extensive operational ground, air and naval unit experience. Gen. Goen has served in Central America, the Western Pacific, the Philippines, the Balkans and Iraq. He was assigned to the 1st Marine Division in 2003 as a Deputy Intelligence officer but later became an Intelligence Officer (G-2). 

He has supported both conventional combat and counter-insurgency operations. Gen. Groen was a principal player in the redesign of Marine Intelligence to meet the emerging demands of the Global War on Terror. 

His extensive experience in these areas have led to numerous decorations and highly prestigiou accolades, including the Defense Superior Service Medal, the Legion of Merit, the Bronze Star, the Combat Action Ribbon and others. 

As a result of his experience and accoldates, Gen. Groen possesses a wide and diverse intelligence background; Over his 25 years of military service, he has served as a Combat Development, Requirements, and Acquisition officer. He served as the initial Director of the Commandant’s Amphibious Capabilities Working Group (Capabilities), the Ellis Group (Expeditionary Futures) and as the Director of the Commandant of the Marine Corps Strategic Initiatives Group (SIG).

Since his appointment to JAIC, Gen. Groen has identified the Department of Defense’s (DoD) AI weaknesses, such as an uneven application of computer and dataset resources across different programs. Gen. Groen also founded the Joint Common Foundation platform to promote best practices around testing and verification as well as a technical aspect or a cloud-based platform that would enable users across the DoD to work on AI programs. 

He also established the Partnership for Defense Center, which invites military and industry officials to three forums per year. The center is meant to drive discussion on AI’s capabilities in sustaining military readiness in both offensive and defensive operations. 

The summit will also feature Yll Bajraktari, Executive Director of the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence (NSCAI) and the Honorable Sue Gordon as keynote speakers.

Join Potomac Officers Club to learn about research and development within the AI sector as competition rises across emerging technologies. As new capabilities continue to influence every aspect of the GovCon and industry, top executives must stay ahead of the curve to defeat adversaries. 

To register for the Third Annual AI Summit and view upcoming opportunities, visit Potomac Officers Club’s Event Page.

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