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Anne Neuberger National Security Council

White House Appoints Anne Neuberger to Oversee SolarWinds Security Incident Response

Anne Neuberger, deputy national security adviser for cyber and emerging technology at the National Security Council, has been appointed to lead the White House’s response to the SolarWinds cyber attack that affected public and private sector customers, The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday.

Neuberger, an inductee into Executive Mosaic’s Wash100 for 2021, will work with federal victims of the breach throughout the cybersecurity remediation process and investigate how the government handled the incident.

The report said she will also launch an inquiry into the SolarWinds hack to identify approaches for preventing another information technology breach at agencies.

Brandon Wales, acting director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, previously told WSJ that investigators found that roughly 30 percent of government and commercial organizations thought to be compromised during the breach were not using the company’s software product.

Mark Warner, D-Va., and Marco Rubio, R-Fla., wrote Wednesday in a joint letter to the intelligence community that the Senate Intelligence Committee “looks forward to getting regular briefings from Ms. Neuberger and working with her to ensure we fully confront and mitigate this incident as quickly as possible.”

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