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Executive Order Sets Nine Principles for Federal Adoption of AI

President Donald Trump signed Thursday an executive order to guide agencies on the adoption of artificial intelligence to facilitate the delivery of services to U.S. citizens and promote public trust in AI.

The executive order establishes nine common principles for the design, development, use and acquisition of AI: lawful; accurate, reliable and effective; purposeful and performance-driven; accountable; transparent; regularly monitored; responsible and traceable; understandable; safe, secure and resilient, the White House said Thursday.

The Office of Management and Budget should come up and publish a roadmap for policy guidance to promote federal adoption of AI, while the General Services Administration should develop within the Presidential Innovation Fellows program an AI track to encourage academic and industry experts to work within agencies to further advance government use of AI.

The Office of Personnel Management should also assess how rotational programs could help increase the number of agency employees with AI knowledge under the new EO.

The new policy requires each agency to develop an inventory of AI use cases, review such use cases in accordance with the EO and share the inventory with other agencies to "improve interagency coordination for advancing the implementation of the principles in the design, development, acquisition, and use of AI."

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